A core of the Four Seas - Earl 12P talk

Recently, often look at the newspapers and magazines, the watch friends will be for the count of this ad to attract: "slim king of extraordinary craft - to celebrate the 1960 launch of the legendary 12P movement 50 anniversary of the birth of the count ... and then climb the peak, But in the eccentric pendulum Tuo's latest automatic winding 1208P movement, the thickness of only 2.35 mm, disoriented. "Based on the 1208P Altiplano series under the ultra-thin dress watch, also popular in the consumer market exception. Today, simply tell you about the famous movement of the Earl 12P (right figure below). In the international watch industry, there is swiss replica watches a saying called "Thin is always in", can do the letter and elegant translation of the phrase rhyme is not easy, probably "thin forever cock", or further - "ultra-thin forever Super cock "means. And the reason why the count can be among the top brands, it is by virtue of their own contribution in the ultra-thin mechanical movement. Earl was founded in 1874, founder Georges Edouard Piaget in the Jurassic Valley southwest of the small village La Côte-aux-fées (once for your profile) to create their own watchmaking workshop. Initially, it is the design and manufacture of pocket watch movement. In 1943, the third generation of descendants Gerald and Valentin inherited ancestral father tradition at the same time, the Piaget officially registered as the brand name, launched their own watch products. At the same time began to develop independent design of the movement, trying to achieve their own innovative brand characteristics and breakthroughs. By 1957, took out the famous ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement 9P (pictured left), only 2 mm thick. Three years later, and took out the 9P automatic version of 12P, while the thickness of only increased by 0.3 mm, to achieve the world's first thin watch industry, breaking the "Guinness Book of World Records." 12P with 30 gems, 236 parts, diameter 28.1mm, to take the eccentric pendulum of gold, polished in the details of the time to achieve the best technology. If only out of ultra-thin movement, can not be regarded as a mature top brands. Earl family at the helm of this ultra-thin movement on the basis of the development of a lot of innovative watch products, such as gold watch, shaped watch. As the movement of the ultra-thin, making the Piaget's product development art play a lot of room, in the 60's, the count launched a detailed count of jewelry replica watches uk , craft watchs, such as bracelet-type watch, chain shell Polo series watches Wait. The picture shows the last century 60 - 90 years count several classic products. Into the 90's, the Earl further in the movement of the hair force, come up with 430P and 600P and other products, upgrading the 9P and 12P, to maintain their own ultra-thin mechanical movement in the field of world leading position. In 2001, the count opened a new factory near Geneva. Not only further crafted their own in the ultra-thin dress watch and jewelry watch products, but also trying to thin and thin complex movement on the force. Has been out of the ultra-thin tourbillon (600P, 1270P), ultra-thin when the calendar (855P), ultra-thin fly back to the two places (880P), thin three asked (2013 development of 1290P, 407 parts, thick Only 4.8mm, the following figure) and other complex process products. Back to the rolex replica beginning of the article, in 2010, the count created 1208P, making this 50-year product reproduction glory. Creating the world's thinnest automatic movement and automatic mechanical watch. In 2012, the count on the basis of 1208P created a hollow version of 1200S (below), in the year's double show on the four shocks. This hollow watch also serves as the Piaget brand for the Monaco Charity Auction Only Watch's generous gift. 12P is the Piaget brand began to create their own watch when the movement, the choice of technology breakthrough direction is very unique, since it has been insisting in the ultra-thin areas to achieve the world's top level. It was this effort that kept the count in the top brand camp. Become the first acquisition of the watch brand watch brand (1988), the Earl further glow with new vitality, in the complex mechanical process and continue to come up with new results, it is amazing, worthy of the "ultra-thin forever Cock "name!